Durgapur Unit panel dissolved

The Indian Journalists’ Association has dissolved the recently formed unit at Durgapur due to lack of coordination among its members.
A small but important IJA team, headed by the IJA President and General Secretary, visited the district town on March 8, 2020, Sunday, to give a chance to the members to express their views on the working of the district unit headed by Rana Mukherjee as its president and Biplab Bhattacharya as secretary.
The IJA team heard a cross-section of members and their grievances and found it prudent to dissolve the existing committee and appoint one of the senior-most journalist Rana Mukherjee as the interim convenor to liaison with the State body.
The IJA will put in place a system to resolve various issues bothering the district unit at the earliest and appoint a new committee to run the affairs of Durgapur Unit in West Bardhaman.
As a follow up of the meeting in Durgapur, IJA invited the Unit’s former President and Secretary to IJA office on March 17, 2020, to find a solution to the vexed matter.
It was decided to take up the issue once again after the IJA annual meeting.
Sekhar Sengupta
General Secretary