Code of Conducts

(Adopted by the Indian Journalists’ Association)

A working journalist shall do nothing that would bring discredit to himself, his newspaper, his profession or his professional organisation.

No working journalist shall seek promotion or seek to obtain the position of another journalist by unfair methods.

It is unprofessional conduct to exploit the labour of another journalist by plagiarism or by using his copy for any other purpose without permission.

Every working journalist should treat his subordinates as considerately as he would desire to be treated by his superior.

While a spirit of willingness to help other members of the profession should be encouraged at all times, working journalists are under a special obligation of honour to help an unemployed journalist to obtain work.

Every working journalist shall defend the principle of freedom in the honest collection and publication of news and facts and uphold their right to comment and criticise.

No working journalist shall falsify information of documents, distort or misrepresent facts; news pictures or documents should be acquired by honest methods.

Every working journalist shall fully realise his personal responsibility for everything he sends to his newspaper or agency. He shall not betray professional secrets involving sources of information and private documents.

In obtaining news or pictures, reporters and press photographers shall do nothing that will cause pain or humiliation to innocent, bereaved or otherwise distressed persons.

Registered No. 2266 under Trade Union Act, 1926