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Press Council on Massacre of Newspersons

Press Council of India (P.C.I.) acts as the guardian of the country’s newspaper world. It is in the fitness of things that P.C.I. has taken note of the recent time indiscriminate removal of newspersons by some established media houses belonging to the print media.
After receiving a note on “Massacre of newspersons”, provided by Indian Journalists’ Association (I.J.A.), P.C.I.  has adopted a resolution on this disturbing subject.
P.C.I. has, however, duly acknowledged the receipt of the note sent to the august body by I.J.A. President, Sekhar Sengupta. The full text of the P.C.I. communication to I.J.A. is given below:


1st August, 2017

Journalists take out a procession on May 24, 2017

Journalists take out a procession on May 24, 2017, condemning the unprovoked police lathi charge on May 22.The peaceful rally began from
Press Club, Kolkata,where many journalists’ organizations, including the IJA, participated. Pix: Bibhash Lodh.


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26th May, 2017

Journalists can never be put on uniforms

Indian Journalists’ Association (I.J.A.) outright rejects the patently absurd jacket-wearing-by-journalists proposal. Nowhere in the  world, except in war fields, the power that be can ever think of forcing journalists to put on outfits to mark them out.
Because informants with any kind of uniforms can be arbitrarily barricaded, prevented from the very sources of information where they move in instinctively and rightfully. They do not only have the right but their honourable duty to access the sources of information, fairly and freely.
The State Police is strongly urged to discard the jacket idea forthwith. Instead they owe to the media the punitive measures taken against police perpetrators of attack on journalists.
Sekhar Sengupta

26th May, 2017

IJA condemns attack on media

Kolkata media took to street on Tuesday, May 23, to protest against unprovoked lathi charge by Police on Monday, May 22 while covering a public rally by a political party. Scores of photo journalists, camerapersons and reporters were injured in the incident which was severely condemned in a statement by IJA President, Sekhar Sengupta. Pix: Bibhash Lodh.





24th May, 2017

IJA lauds Maharashtra Govt. bill to protect media

Shri Devendra Fadnavis,
Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Government of Maharashtra

Respected Shri Devendra Fadnavisji,

We, the Indian Journalists Association (IJA), the premier organization
of media persons in West Bengal which was established in 1922,
congratulate you for moving a Bill in the Maharashtra Assembly and
getting it passed unanimously to protect the media persons and media
houses from attack.

Thus Maharashtra has become the first State in the country to enact a
Bill to protect journalists by passing the landmark Maharashtra
Mediapersons and Media Institutions Bill on April 7, 2017.

3rd May, 2017

Executive Council of the Indian Journalists’ Association (I.J.A.) for 2017

The following were elected unopposed to the Executive Council of the Indian Journalists’ Association (I.J.A.) for 2017 at the AGM held at Press Club on March 26, 2017.
President: Sekhar Sengupta (Dainik Statesman)
General Secretary: Anindya Sengupta (Freelance)
Executive Council:
1. Debasish Das (Dainik Statesman) 2. Mrinal Kr. Biswas (The Echo of India), 3. Tarakeshwar Mishra (Prabhat Khabar), 4. Shyamal Mukherjee (The Political and Business Daily), 5. Tapas Ghosh (The Telegraph), 6. Tarak Nath Roy (Purbakshan), 7. Aminur Rahaman (Sambad), 8.Jagannath Bhowmick (Sambad Prabhati), 9. Jayanta Dutta (Aaj Kaal Parshu), 10. Purnendu Chakraborti (Dainik Statesman), 11. Debashish Chowdhury {Munmun} (Aamar Kagaz), 12. Tapash Kr. Basu (Halfil), 13. Aditya Narayan Choudhury (Khabar Aaj Kaal), 14. Kamlesh Pandey (Sanmarg), 15. Supriyo Bandopadhya (Sambad Pratidin), 16. K. D. Parth (Rajasthan Patrika), 17. Rabin Chatterjee (Srijoni Samay), 18. Kazi Elahi (C.T.V.N.), 19. Sudipta Sengupta (Aajkaal), 20. Joyprakash Das (Ekdin), 21. S. Saba Nayakan.

4th April, 2017

Massacre of Newspersons

Massacre of Newspersons

Dusts have not settled yet. The sacking and firing of hired hands in the Fourth Estate are not coming to an end. Everybody there is a sacrificial lamb. The noble profession of journalism has turned into a hotbed of intrigues, fear, suspicion and a sense of helplessness has gripped almost all in the desk and on the field. The journalists are pushed on the firing line by the power that be, by the Press Barons.


The premier organization in the East, Ananda Bazar (ABP) Group, has already given marching orders to unknown numbers of scribes. It is feared that a total of 760 employees there would see the end of journey because the management feels that the organization has become too flabby and a trimming operation is inescapable. Result: terminate the employees. Already some 250 of them has suffered with early retirement or just given the lethal marching orders.

27th March, 2017

IJA agm on March 26, 2017 at Press Club, Kolkata

AGM notice 2016

IJA agm notice 2017

14th March, 2017

Contact numbers of EC members – 2016

Sekhar Sengupta 9836664211
Anindya Sengupta 9830278273
Mihir Ganguly 9432208532
Mrinal K. Biswas 8335839009
Tarakeswar Mishra 9831918555
Shyamal Mukherjee 9433740850
Tapas Ghosh 9433229701
Barun Ghosh 9830511450
Arijit Dutta 9830199365
Debashis Das 9434180373
Tarak Nath Roy 9434225244
Joy Prakash Das 7602565146
Aminur Rahaman 9832268043
Sambhu Lal Karmakar 9434238495
Chandra Mitra Shee 9433069001
Kamlesh Pandey 9831550640
Tapesh Kr. Basu 9051146204
Aditya Narayan Choudhury 8101408732
Kazi Fazle Elahi 9831160992
Shymal Kumar Naskar 9748921148
Sikha Deb 9903842641
Jayanta Das 9851510746
Rajib Chakraborty 9339434371
S. Sabanayakan 9830152292
Supriyo Bandopadhyay 9831254542
Pallab Kumar Chatterjee 9830929753
Debasish Choudhury 9434243373
Mohammad Wajid 9239127294

2nd June, 2016

Office-bearers of the Indian Journalists’ Association for 2016 elected at the first Executive Council meeting

The following are the office-bearers of the Indian Journalists’
Association for 2016 elected at the first Executive Council meeting at
Press Club, Kolkata, on 20.03.2016 at 1 p.m.

President: Sekhar Sengupta (Dainik Statesman)

Vice-Presidents: 1. Shymal Mukherjee (Prayag), 2. Tarak Nath Roy (Purbakshan)

General Secretary: Anindya Sengupta (The Telegraph)

Secretary: Debashis Das (Dainik Statesman)

Asstt. Secretaries: 1. Kamlesh Pandey (Sanmarg), 2. Arijit Dutta (AIR)

Treasurer: Tapas Ghosh (The Telegraph)

2nd June, 2016

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